In order to offer a variety of different liquid flavors in the highest quality with the rating „Made in Germany“ we have developed the eLiquidMixer® for you.

This world-wide unique mixing robot is not only distinguished by its exclusivity, it is also designed to make small and medium-sized businesses and online shops significantly more competitive.

With its 96 built-in flavors, which can be combined in various concentrations, the eLiquidMixer® now gives you the unique possibility of several hundreds of thousands of new eLiquid variations. Thus your may create your own premium liquid either at the  customer‘s request or through imaginative own creations.

eLiquidMixer® are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standards. Accordingly you can offer the highest level of safety and quality.

eLiquidMixer & Enduser terminal for stores

Certifications and Approvals

All our flavors and bases are analyzed, certified and registered with the responsible European Commission. Furthermore, all flavorings and bases are TPD II compliant.

Bases and Flavors

You and your clients can now compose from 96 Flavors and different base fluids, with the desired nicotine strength from 0 to 20mg your individual steamer experience just by yourself. If necessary of course all flavors can also be expanded or replaced. For you this also means that you do not have to store individual flavors with the appropriate nicotine content anymore. This results not only in an immense cash flow, but also a reduced inventory. Together with the eLiquidMixer® you can offer your customers as of now an optimal portfolio.

All flavors are exclusively produced in Germany and comply with the valid food regulations. The production and selection of the substances used are additionally monitored by a German independent analytical laboratory. All flavoring ingredients are FEMA listed and / or classified as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) by the US Food and Drug  Administration (FDA).


Your eLiquidMixer® mixes fluids with a deviation of approx. 0.1% to the basic volume. The Flavors are contained in 43ml roll bottles, hygienically sealed with a septum closure. The eLiquidMixer® software then creates a label with a high-quality thermal transfer printer that
displays the legal requirements, quantity, ingredients and the logo of the respective dealer. It is also possible to print another label for your outer package in one operation.

The eLiquidMixer® can mix and fill up to 20 x 10ml PET bottles with the same or different requirements. After each individual bottle which has been mixed the eLiquidMixer® cleans itself fully automatically and the installed software offers the possibility to store each customer‘s recipe in addition. The software for the connection to an online shop is prepared*. That means the customer can mix his eliquid online himself. However the eLiquidMixer® mixes only after dealer‘s permission. Online-Software is optionally available. An annual maintenance by trained personnel from the manufacturer of the eLiquidMixer® is sufficient.

Key benefits for the retailer

eLiquid production on demand

Within seconds the individual eLiquid is produced, filled and the appropriate label for the bottle and the outer packaging printed.

Very low production costs – approx. € 0,50 / 10ml

Including vials, outer packaging and instruction leaflets. Alone the cost savings comparison of a purchased eLiquids versus own production costs finances the leasing rate in a few days.

96 Flavors and Bases with 0 – 20mg Nicotine Strengths

Analyzed and certified according to TPD2 (TabakerzG); No admission fees for new liquid creations; 100s of thousands of new eLiquids possible with your own logo / branding



In Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Great Britain and the USA more than 90  eLiquidMixer® are successfully in use.

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